That Damn Blue Pill!

      On my way home from work I had to stop at Target to pick up a prescription and do a little shopping. I parked my car and made my way from the parking lot to the entrance. Target has placed a bench in front of the store that often provides a place to sit for smokers and usually you can find it occupied.
     As my path to the store would have me passing directly in front of the bench and its occupant, I pasted a pleasant smile on my face and prepared to do the polite head nod. I was three strides from the point of recognition when it registered with me that one, she was on her cellphone and two, she was having an argument with her boyfriend/husband.  No biggie right? WRONG! (Wait for it.)
    This is what I heard,  “I can’t believe you! So you can go to Florida, take something to be with your little whore but you can’t take something to be with me?!”  Now here’s the kicker, the lady on the phone is at least in her sixties, and that’s being conservative.
     Man, I doubled-timed it past her so fast I created a mini windstorm. And here I thought my mother learning how to twerk at the Senior Center was bad. Maybe I should’ve purchased her some condoms? (The lady on the bench, not my mother.)  I’ve got the next ad campaign for Viagra though: Viagara, keeping the playa’s up and their game strong!