With the ending of the year and the beginning of the new we all resolve to do it better. Weight loss, weight gain, family relationships, personal achievements and the laying to rest of old demons, are just a few of the things millions resolve to do different–better. But should we?

Not to brag but my 2013 wasn’t that bad. I still have a job and I enjoy what I do. My bills aren’t so out of control that I’m dodging the bill collectors and my relationship is still my safe haven in a jacked up world. My son is just starting out on his adult voyage and I’ve graciously moved into the background of his day-to-day (or so I tell myself whenever I come across his mail). I’ve conquered my baking powder addiction (I’m so serious about that), and I met my reading challenge of 150 books in 12 months. I didn’t lose that 50 lbs I wanted to but I’m still blessed with good weight distribution and a pretty face. Life is good, so why should I feel compelled to make a resolution? Tradition and peer pressure, folks, the bane of every society and the reasons why we’ll make these stressful and in most cases unrealistic resolutions at the start of every year.

This year, join me in breaking the cycle. How about instead of resolving to do something positive, we decide not to do something negative. For instance, I’m horrible about indulging in ugly and often violent thoughts. Some days, the inside of my head is like the love child of Clive Barker and Stephen King. so I’ll try to derail those thoughts. When that distracted driver slows down in front of me because she is on her cell phone, texting, instead of envisioning myself approaching her at a red light and shoving the phone down her throat I’ll take a breath and assume that she is double-checking that the home care attendant she hired for her elderly mother knows that she already had her meds. See, 20 minutes of a morning rant averted and a small slice of negativity eradicated. Awesome. So, how about it? Will you all join me in losing a negative rather than gaining a positive?


I’m surprised you can read because you have a vagina…

I’m surprised you can read because you have a vagina….