Do they dub over voices in porns?

It’s 11:30 pm and I’m about to drop off to sleep when a random question pops into my head: Do they dub over voices in porns?

It’s a valid question. Think about it, you’re the director of a skin flick and you’re casting the leads. The woman is hot with a (forgive the pun) banging body and the man is someone that the ladies (and a fair number of men) wouldn’t mind seeing his twig and berries. You’ve got the music, the setting, the “plot” and the fluffer. Everything is ready to go when your male lead opens his mouth and he sounds like a castrati. You know, a young male that was castrated before puberty in order to preserve his singing voice. What do you do? You can’t have Sir Long Schlong sounding like an elementary school kid. That ain’t creaming anybody’s Twinkie my friend and you can’t just have all music and no dialogue. Some people get off on aural stimulus. So what do you do? If any of you know the answer, please share.

Yeah, this is exactly the reason why people repeatedly tell me to hush. My mind is a strange and twisted place that has a direct feed to my mouth and fingers. It’s my gift. You’re welcome.



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