Pole Appeal

Pole dancing is everywhere, or so it seems. You see it in music videos, FB statuses, Huffington Post, movies, TV shows, and strangely dorm rooms of co-eds. Yes, what used to be something that was relegated to dive bars, and dicey neighborhood “clubs” is now something that has become mainstream. Hell, there is even a women’s church group that does pole-dancing for the Lord. (Seriously, can you imagine twerking in The Spirit? Making it clap for the Holy Ghost? No, just no.)

What happened? What is really going on? Well I’ll tell you folks, all kidding aside; pole-dancing is an amazing feat of acrobatics set to music. No joke, a talented dancer can make her body do things on a pole that are nothing short of breathtaking. A woman’s body is already a visual feast, add to that a sexy costume, sensuality and a killer beat and thus my friends you have the recipe for awe-inspiring. I don’t know of a woman who, having seen good pole work, won’t want to do it herself. It’s just amazing to watch.

There isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t at some point in her life fantasized about having that one moment in time where her very presence commands the attention, admiration, and avarice of everyone in her sphere. Picture it: You walk into a room looking and feeling your best. Your hair is glossy. Your make-up, unnecessary. Your body is beyond sick and your outfit will hit Instagram in .5 seconds. You stride toward the middle of the room and people give ground. Right when your platform stiletto heel hits the cleared floor the bass beat drops. You step, pivot, plant your feet and bend at the waist swivelling at the hips so that your hair sweeps out in a glorious arc that has your back arching into the perfect position to accentuate your legs and derriere.  Now tell me that image wasn’t hot as hell!

You know it was and you know that that exquisite moment can be achieved. When you’re part of a moment like that the rush is akin to any drug induced high. It’s like pure distilled essence of sexy and to see that feeling reflected back at you in the gaze of your audience is better than sex, chocolate, and new shoes. It’s a heady brew and good pole-dancing is all this times 10. Simply put, it’s a visceral embodiment of the very essence of female sensuality and women understand that the minute we witness it. And having witnessed it, there’s a number of us who want to experience it. The fact that its a hell of a work out is the rationalization that makes society feel better about it.


No, I don’t want to dance with somebody…

I wonder how many women aren’t comfortable taking this kind of approach?


Hey Kids, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote, mostly because I’m busy writing ridiculous statuses on the Book of Face, but last nights Creep Encounter was too much to write down in a simple status. More so, what I felt about last night’s Creep Encounter was too much to put in a status. 

Like most women, when I go out with my friends and we’re at the bar, we’re focused on having a good time. The drinks are flowing, the music is bumping, and if you hang out with my crew, the singing is LOUD. We will sing every part of a song we know, and go hard at that one part we REALLY know. It’s all to the good. However, we also have to deal with unwarranted and unwanted attention. Most of us don’t go out to attract men, we go out because we like…

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