No, I don’t want to dance with somebody…

I wonder how many women aren’t comfortable taking this kind of approach?


Hey Kids, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote, mostly because I’m busy writing ridiculous statuses on the Book of Face, but last nights Creep Encounter was too much to write down in a simple status. More so, what I felt about last night’s Creep Encounter was too much to put in a status. 

Like most women, when I go out with my friends and we’re at the bar, we’re focused on having a good time. The drinks are flowing, the music is bumping, and if you hang out with my crew, the singing is LOUD. We will sing every part of a song we know, and go hard at that one part we REALLY know. It’s all to the good. However, we also have to deal with unwarranted and unwanted attention. Most of us don’t go out to attract men, we go out because we like…

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