The Dirty 30

Here are 30 interesting things about yours truly….

  1. I always rather be reading.
  2. I was a camp counselor for a summer.
  3. I’m an international dater.
  4. I tone down my looks.
  5. I prefer my glasses to contacts.
  6. I love to dance.
  7. I can bellydance.
  8. I know how to use zils (finger cymbals).
  9. I know how to weave on a hand loom.
  10. I crochet and do cross stitch.
  11. I’m a book and craft hoarder.
  12. I want to learn how to garden.
  13. I have a minor in Religion and Philosophy.
  14. I’m shy about speaking Spanish in front of native speakers.
  15. I despise liars.
  16. I have serious trust issues.
  17. I’m happy to sit at home all day long just reading and drinking coffee.
  18. I’m almost always expecting the worse and I make contingency plans for it.
  19. I didn’t really apply myself to my education until college.
  20. I’ve never wanted more than one child.
  21. I don’t believe in sugarcoating the truth for children.
  22. I hate when people make assumptions about me based on my ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.
  23. I’m a private person but there isn’t too much that I won’t talk about.
  24. I’m an introvert who fakes being an extrovert really well.
  25. I can’t stand obstreperous people and willful ignorance.
  26. I hate sharing. Hate, hate, hate it.
  27. I won’t be told how to live.
  28. I don’t forgive, or forget.
  29. I’d rather walk away from a confrontation but if I have to engage in one; I’m in it to win it.
  30. I’m intensely loyal and my word is my bond.

I don’t know how interesting you’ll find this but I wish you joy of it.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. newboldtopia
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 09:33:04

    # 24. lol. You do fake it really well. I’m proud of you. lol.



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